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DJCH Podcast Episode 2 – Babyfits


Still 1993.  Dan and Jay come out of retirement to complete side 2 of the 10 minute tape entitled “Head Cleaner,” in which they played “The Headcleaners.”  Jay talks about Schwarzing and Dan finally finds the definition for the word “babyfits.”  If you’re in a tweeting mood, hashtag that shit.

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And the YouTube video for side 2

DJCH Podcast Episode 1 – Fame – The New Caste


The year was 1993.  Dan Gomiller and Jason Klamm pressed record on a tape player for the first time as a comedy duo.  On this inaugural episode of the Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour podcast, Dan and Jay discuss their few memories of this first recording and play a clip that they quickly beg for forgiveness for.  They also take some time to catch up.

Each week on the Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour Podcast, comedians Dan Gomiller and Jason Klamm catch up and discuss their first-ever comedic works, including early teenage cassette-based improv and VHS feature film attempts.