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Episode 51 – Pit Hole, Baby



In 1996, Jay got bored at AO Fox Memorial Hospital and re-created (ish) the trailer to Star Trek: First Contact.

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Food Holes with Dan & Jay – Episode 2 – Hopjes

Episode 2 of our spin-off video podcast “Food Holes with Dan & Jay!” features Jay’s second challenge to Dan – the incredibly tough-to-bite Hopjes, a coffee candy from the Netherlands.

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Episode 50 – Alien Paddingtons


This week, Dan and Jay celebrate episode 50 with special guest Taylor Jessen!  We stick to our digital-only stuff this time around, discussing the opener for our proposed sketch show “Dan and Jay’s Community Service,” which will also serve as the origin story for the podcast’s theme.  Video below.

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Episode 49 – Micro-Brew-Penis


Dan and Jay discuss an early “fake history” sketch, improvised in Jay’s barn attic in 2001.  Dan plays what would become his fictional grandfather, Dan “Bloody Stump(s)” Gomiller.  Jay also discusses his other-worldly experience with hard root beer, one he doesn’t intend to duplicate, considering the fever dreams that resulted.

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Food Holes with Dan & Jay – Episode 1 – Tomato Candy

It’s the premiere episode of our spin-off video podcast “Food Holes with Dan & Jay!”  Every other Friday, watch as Dan and Jay challenge each other to eat garbage.

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Episode 48 – Head Camera


To celebrate Daler Mehndi coming to America, it’s time to talk about our follow up video to our first Daler Mehndi tribute.  This time, in Ishq Da Charkha, Dan plays a musketeer, an old man, Indiana Jones and himself.  Oddly, this time, robot talk comes up, yet again.

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New Video Series Coming Soon!

Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour will drop tonight, but in the meantime – announcement!

We’re a short time away from the premiere of our first video podcast, “Food Holes with Dan and Jay.”  Starring your own Dan Gomiller and Jason Klamm, every other week one of us will challenge each other to eat a specific snack and, of course, try the snack ourselves.  We have a simple rating system, as well.  On a scale of 1 to 5, we rate the snack based on expectation and then, on the same numerical scale, we rate it based on grossness.  Episode 1 will drop this Friday, and you’ll be able to find it right here, at, every other week.