Ho, Christmas Tree! (November 25, 2014) In 2014, Dan and Jay released their first new comedy album in 13 years, as well as their first publicly-available Christmas album.  It’s a free download at box.com, and it’s also available for purchase as the SMALLEST COMEDY ALBUM IN HISTORY, with a sleeve of 1.7cm squared, with the album and extras on a MicroSD card.  CDs are coming in time for Christmas, 2014.
The Best Hos of All (2012, private release) This compilation of Christmas album best-ofs also contained an original sketch or two, as well as numerous interstitials and Christmas wishes.
  I’ll Be Ho For Christmas (2004, private release, incomplete) In 2004, Jay released a limited Christmas comedy album, only a few tracks long.  It’s more notable for the cover.
It’s the Perfect Time of Year For a Ho (2002, private release) In 2002, another Christmas album. The cover features Jay, Dan and Jay’s sister Ren, with special appearances by friend of the group Chad Newman, and Gudolph, the Copyright-Safe Reindeer.
  Jenny Is a Slute (2002, planned release, incomplete) Right after Shoestrings was released, Dan and Jay made plans and wrote copious sketches for a planned second album.  The title comes from something they saw scrawled on a bench (the same bench as on the cover) at an elementary school.
Dan Gomiller: Man of Juicy Texture (2001, private release) For Dan’s 22nd birthday, Jay created a comedy album for him.
Dannel Gomiller’s Post 4th of July CD Part II: Thanksgiving (2001, private release) Dan shortly followed up his 4th of July CD with a Thanksgiving-themed album featuring more original sketches and karaoke.
  Dannel Gomiller’s Post 4th of July CD (2001, private release) In 2001, Jay moved to Chicago and Dan sent a care package of this CD, containing custom sketches, as well as numerous karaoke-singings.
Dan and Jay’s Comedy? Hour Presents: Follow That Ho (2001, private release) The second Christmas album continued the tradition, and introduced us to a read-along section of the album featuring Pokeweed, a racist children’s book character (for a reason, not just LOL-so-random, as the kids don’t say anymore).
Shoestrings: The Demo (2001) Dan and Jay’s first album release saw a number of surreal ideas come to life. Dan and Jay created all their own sound effects, entirely with a stalk of celery.  Even a jet plane.  Astounding.  Actually, shortly thereafter, the album was used to teach students at SUNY Oneonta about low-budget sound design and editing.
The Next Ho’s On Us (2000, private release) In 2000, Dan and Jay entered the realm of digital audio simply because Dan owned a CD burner.  Jay and Dan put together some new sketches and began a Christmas tradition, which included sketches featuring Santa and The Elves.
Dan and Jay’s Komedy? Hour: Greatest Hits (1994, cassette-only private release) Later in 1993, Dan and Jay began creating their own characters and stealing some classics.  Dan then compiled one or two tapes into a “Greatest Hits” compilation, which is the only reason any of those sketches survive.
The Headcleaners (1993, cassette-only private release) Dan and Jay’s first experiments were on a tape they labeled “Head Cleaner,” featuring two stupid hosts whose “catch phrase” was “we really suck.”  Yep.

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