Tom Mottier & Brandon KennedyLords of Soaptown comes from the mind of comedy writer and director Jason Klamm (Looking Forward). When Jason met Mike Rempert, one of the four "Lords," he learned the true story behind what was arguably, to him, one of the dumbest things he'd ever seen in his life. When the story was over, Jason fell in love with Freestyle Walking.

To bring the story to life, Jason brought in veteran documentary producer and investigative journalist Ray Nowosielski (Press for Truth) along with producer Ryan Penington (Foolproof Plan) to bring the necessary experience behind the camera to this story of adolescence, fleeting fame and pop culture creation.

The film started as something rather simple - four kids in Midwestern America cause a ripple in pop culture - but has become something new entirely. After meeting the hilarious and frank Tom Mottier and Brandon Kennedy, everyone in the crew saw the human side of an already funny story. Put on top of that all of the freestyle walkers, Soapers and parkour enthusiasts they've met during production, and Jason, Ray and Ryan have found a pet project that they've been proud of every step of the way. All three filmmakers are part of Banded Artists Productions.