Tom Mottier & Brandon KennedyTom Mottier, Brandon Kennedy, Mike Rempert and Brian White created the sport that took part of the country sort of by storm in 1996. On the success of the Freestyle Walking piece on MTV News Unfiltered, the 15-year-olds from Wheaton, Illinois saw their first taste of fame, and saw their pastime start to catch on. MTV even recruited them to shoot new footage to help promote "Unfiltered" and capitalize on the short video's success. It went viral before the term existed.

Then, the Internet happened. "Original" freestyle walkers began to crop up, fan clubs appeared, and the MTV piece was quickly forgotten. Just as the fad caught on, it disappeared. There are still avid followers of the sport, and those who love the equipment - Soap shoes - the original freestyle walkers helped make popular - but the sport's relevance has all but passed. Or has it?

"Lords of Soaptown" tells the true story behind the sport's origins. Tom, Brandon, Mike and Brian all have one more thing to say before the cameras stop rolling. How will this affect those who still love the sport? How will this affect those obsessed with the shoes their sport made famous? Find out in this film from Banded Artists and StolenDress Entertainment.