Episode 21 – Mark Wahlberg Is A Peanut

This week we discuss our first forays into the world of video production!  Sort of.  You know, we were 13 & 14.  Dan introduces the show and Jay cameramans poorly.

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Comedy on Vinyl Podcast Episode 112 – Peter Shickele – aka PDQ Bach

Live via vocal telegraph this week is none other than Peter Shickele, aka P.D.Q. Bach, J.S. Bach’s only forgotten son.  We discuss his career, his invention of the hardart, and even go back to the early days of record collecting, where nabbing a bunch of singles was your only option.  It was an …

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Episode 20 – The Bag (link below)

While we ramp up to talk about our video sketches, this week we talk about Jay’s trip back home to Upstate New York, and his retrieval, after almost 10 years, of The Bag, containing all of their art and stories together from 1990 on.

As promised in the intro, here are links to some of the …

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Comedy on Vinyl Podcast Episode 111 – Jeremy Carter on Bill Cosby – Himself

Jeremy Carter is here to talk Cosby.  Not just Cosby, but Himself.  A seminal album, and one that has stuck with a number of a certain generation maybe more than his earlier work, wonderful as it is.  This is Bill Cosby’s dad “character,” which is a stretch as a term in this case, as refined as …

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New Vice-Precedence Podcasts Coming Soon

To all of our loyal and patient fans, a quick thank you.  Since we started Vice-Precedence as a blog back in 2009, we’ve changed platforms a few times, and obviously started a really fun VP podcast.  Since it remains the only such podcast, we really owe it to the subject matter to get going o …

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