DJCH Podcast Episode 8 – DJ Jazzy Jeff in Uganda (link below)

In this episode we earn our explicit tag, talk about Father O’Malley, and prepare for the DJ Jazzy Jeff Renaissance.

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Who Should Apologize? Colbert or ‘Colbert?’ (From Jason Klamm’s blog) –

I just finished a CNN article by Aaron Schiller.  You can read it here for yourself:  It breaks down the the #CancelColbert debacle which, for the most part, is the result of someone misunderstanding satire, especially in the face of the cynical attempt at “race relations” t…


New episode of the Comedy on Vinyl Podcast at – Episode 89 – Jason Pickar on Emo Philips – E Equals MO Squared (From Jason Klamm’s blog) –

This week we discover a new friend of the podcast in the awesome Jason Pickar.  He raps and he comedies.  It’s a great deal of fun, and he makes our 2nd time with this album just as much fun as the first.

Host: Jason Klamm
Producer: Mike Worden
This Week’s Guest: Jason Pickar